About us

How much a company invests in the recruitment of management is what ultimately defines the future success of that company. This requires a business partner who understands the company and knows what kind of leader will live up to the expectations. SDH understands the dynamics of the market and is therefore able to make a long-term match that will fulfill both the ambitions of the company and the candidate.


Analysis entrepreneurial profile

We both analyze the candidates and the company to be able to establish the perfect match. What are the organizational objectives in the coming period? What kind of strategic leader can achieve these objectives? SHD is the right partner – to clearly draft a management profile and to assess the merits of the candidates. The outcome is the logical result of the combination of procedures and creative thinking. It is our core business to recognize which leader will be able to achieve the company’s objectives.


Identification of top candidates

SDH will actively search for candidates. Our researchers have creative and inventive ways to find the most suitable professionals. We will find them in our own high quality network or the research activities of our highly motivated team of researchers will lead us to them. We will approach the candidates whom we expect to add proper value to the company, in a subtle and respectable manner. We exceed in finding that one perfect candidate – and in putting him or her in contact with our client.

“You know that a match is really successful if, one year on, a candidate is still working for a customer or, indeed, has been promoted.” – Jeroen Opbroek


Long term

Appointing a top manager is one of the most important investment decisions of an organization. The right match is of the outmost importance for both parties: someone who is suitable and gets the job done. That is why we focus on a match for the longer term. We don’t believe in successful career steps which only last two years.

We recruit someone who can both sow and harvest.” – Hans Becks


Recognition or surprise

Organizations in consumer markets are more successful when managed by an MT that complements each other and that strives to achieve its objectives in a healthy competitive way. Diversity & inclusiveness in top management translate into an overview and solutions in turbulent markets. That is why we focus on those competencies and characters that can help a company move forward. Together we find that one surprising leader with refreshing new ideas, who will be able to make the difference.

Onboarding process

SDH Executive Search helps to build ambitious, balanced organizations. We not only support our clients in finding the right, authentic manager. We also know how important a smooth start of the employment is for the candidate. A professionally guided onboarding program prevents the risk of a mismatch. SDH is in charge of the program. Where necessary, we will call on the service of external professionals.


Strategical cooperation

SDH Executive Search believes in joining forces, hard work, cooperation and partnerships. Our core competence is executive research. This focus enables us to excel. We have strategic alliances with carefully selected partners whose expertise lies in complementary services such as coaching, onboarding, assessments, strategy, and job evaluations.