To find excellent people who will lead the European markets. Our job has become so complex that it is necessary to focus with the right knowledge of candidates and clients. That is exactly why SDH is focusing on finding the leader who will make the difference in the sectors agri-food, consumer goods and professional services. We know and understand these markets.


We recruit professionals for top positions in family, middle and large businesses. We seek professionals with an eye to expansion and sustainability. Who are committed to the shelf stacker, but also to the shareholder. Who have knowledge of retail and distribution and have a vision on gen technology and organic cultivation.

  • Strategic leaders who leverage the opportunities in global markets and/or markets in transition.
  • Hard working ‘doers’ who control international growth.
  • Game changers who add a surprising twist to the future of the division.
  • Real company CEO’s who bring consolidation after a series of acquisitions.
  • Supervisors who use their wisdom and experience to assist management teams and who are able to work and think both globally and regionally.

“Because we have an in-depth knowledge of the business sectors, we can judge fairly well who will be successful in what sector.” – Frans Haarmans



All consumer markets are focused on sustainable production, global cooperation and chain integration. Digitalization and mobile internet create disruptive innovation. We see overlapping and interlocking chains. Links are skipped, market shares are melting away. This turbulent environment also brings forth new forms of entrepreneurship and therefore new opportunities. These changes ask for an adequate defining of the corresponding management profiles.


Organizations must anticipate swiftly to changing circumstances, both on the global and the regional markets. SDH excels in finding the authentic leaders who can signal and understand long term developments and translate them into a corporate strategy. Leaders, who know the operational and executive impact of their strategic guidelines.


Supervisory board

The complexity of doing business in a volatile market environment requires knowledgeable and experienced advisors. To meet the demands of our clients, we use SDH’s high quality network to select motivated supervisory board members, advisors and commissioners, who live up to their supervisory role; based on their substantive knowledge and in a manner appropriate to the culture of the company.